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The bühne 16 (Bühne = stage) can look back on 28 interesting and emotional years. The theatre group came into existence out of an adult evening class which consisted of 16 members who met in a building in the Lindenberger Straße, whose house number coincidentally was a 16. The small room in which the actors had to work during rehearsals and where the first performances probably took place as well as the number 16, which appeared twice, finally led to the name bühne 16, intentionally written in small letters. People who are interested in culture and who come from many different places in Germany, particularly people living near Leonberg, have heard about the bühne 16.
During the first years the group was led by Michael Maschke, a TV director.
His successor, Annalies Müller, a director and actress from Stuttgart, has been the leader of the ensemble for 18 years.

Annalies Müller - director

Annalies Müller, director

Of course, our theatre group has changed in the meantime. However, we are proud that Peter Höfer, one of the founder members, is still working with us. In the course of time actors have joined and left our group. Yet despite these permanent changes, we always show a lot of enthusiasm. Therefore, each and every of our performances guarantees a sophisticated time at our theatre.

After these 28 years we can look back on a considerable number of performances. These performances varied a lot. We have presented:

  • Comedies such as Mr. Pilk's Madhouse,
  • Absurd theatre like La Contatrice Chauve,
  • Modern drama like Personenkreis 3.1,
  • and classics like Uncle Wanja, Faust and The Tempest.

The performances Faust by Goethe and The Tempest, Shakespeare's late work, have certainly been the greatest challenges of our group. But also historical plays, written by Peter Höfer, like Ein Beutelspacher beugt sich nicht and Die Wäsche von Eltingen - Graf Ulrich und die Löwenburg as well as our huge success Die Keplerin have meant a lot of work and effort for us. All members of our group regularly meet great challenges. The success of our plays as well as working together with friends and colleagues is what we most enjoy.