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Der Kannibale (The Cannibal)

Author: Peter Höfer - main author of the bühne 16
The play can be shown as a first performance. All rights reserved by the author.

Peter Höfer
Schmalzstr. 28
71229 Leonberg
Telephone number: 0049 - 7152 / 26 88 3

Content: Two desperate men have an extremely sinister relationship which reveals the depths of the human soul.
The author tries to do the impossible: His play shows how people can lose control of themselves or even have to do so if the circumstances for such a behaviour arise.
Will we ever comprehend what actually happened and caused a stir in the whole world?

Cultural evening about Heinrich Heine (May 2006)

In spring the bühne 16 will hold a cultural evening with poems and songs by Heinrich Heine.

Anton Cechov - The Cherry Orchard (1st quarter of 2007)

In the beginning of 2007 the bühne 16 will perform "The Cherry Orchard" by Cechov, a play that is a part of world literature.

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